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The endermologie® revolution
Thanks to the new Alliance patent which combines motorized roller and valve, the endermologie technique delivers on the surface of the skin a stimulation that is both more intense, precise and pleasant to deeply reactivate the natural physiological processes.
A synergy of patented technologies for multidimensional and optimized tissue mobilization.
Des réglages ultra précis grâce au dispositif Alliance Skin Identity (ASI) intégré qui permet au professionnel d’adapter parfaitement l’intensité de la stimulation selon le type de tissu traité (souple, dense, fibreux) pour un soin 100% personnalisé et efficace.
Maximized comfort of care.
An infinite possibility of instant creation of tailor-made protocols to treat more than thirty pathologies.
An arsenal of specific treatment heads for easy access to all areas, whether narrow or delicate.
A unique design with clean lines. Mobile device for more organizational flexibility.
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