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April 12, 2024


A pilot study published in “Breast Journal” shows the benefits of medical endermologie® in breast reconstruction after mastectomy and radiation therapy. This retrospective study was conducted by Dr. Kais Razzouk from the Breast Institute in Nice. It included 65 women who had undergone breast
reconstruction with lipofilling, with or without prosthesis. These patients were contraindicated or did not want to undergo flap reconstruction, and 33 of them underwent medical endermologie® sessions during reconstruction to prepare the irradiated skin.

THE VOLUME OF FAT injected was significantly higher in the medical endermologie® group compared to the control group, with the first lipofilling at 259.3 ml vs. 150.6   ml and the second lipofilling 251.8 ml vs. 154 ml, respectively. The rate of complications was reduced by a factor of 4 (3% VS. 12.5%). Six patients in the medical endermologie® group had lipofilling alone (3 sessions only). The authors believe that medical endermologie® has a beneficial impact on the quality of skin and subcutaneous tissues and allows for better surgical and cosmetic results. Untreated patients showed signs of poor skin trophicity, such as vessel dilation, thin skin and capsular retraction, while treated patients showed a marked improvement in skin trophicity.

Medical endermologie® could have an impact on the biology of irradiated tissue by promoting a regenerative niche suitable for fat injection. If the results are confirmed in a prospective study, medical endermologie® could become a standard in preparing patients for lipofilling-based reconstruction.

Skin trophicity improvement by mechanotherapy for lipofilling-based breast reconstruction postradiation therapy. Razzouk K, Humbert P, Borens B, Gozzi M, Al Khori N, Pasquier J, Rafii Tabrizi A. Breast J. 2020 Apr; 26(4): 725-728. doi: 10.1111/tbj.13645. Epub 2019 Oct 28


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