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March 20, 2024


Cellulite, originally called panniculosis in 1904 is an extremely common progressive condition in women, affecting approximately 80% to 98% of postpubertal women. Visible alterations on the surface of the skin
(dimpling) affect the hypodermis and dermis and combine complex mechanisms involving venolymphatic circulation (stasis), adipocyte (hypertrophy) and connective tissue (fibrosis).

Cellulite, characterised by an “orange peel” appearance of varying severity, is localized particularly in the gluteofemoral areas. Resistant to low-calorie diets and physical exercise, cellulite is likely to cause aesthetic and psychological impairment or even obsessive suffering for 30% of women.
The circulatory, anti-oedematous and dermotropic effects of endermologie® are well documented(1-7)
and make it possible to explain the clinical results observed on cellulite. Multiple studies have reported a loss of thigh perimetry, and a reduction in the skin fold. These improvements are also correlated with the number of sessions performed (dose dependent effect). endermologie® also improves liposuction results by reducing post-surgery irregularities and residual cellulite(8, 9, 10).

In 2004(11), a randomised, controlled study using several evaluation techniques, including 20MHz ultrasound, inely quantify the above-mentioned morphological changes, and patient satisfaction. The results, of course, report a significant decrease in the circumference of the thighs and the skin fold (1 cm and 0.8 cm on average,
respectively) with a time-dependent effect. In addition, all the other parameters measured dimpled aspect of the skin, microcirculation - exhibit an improvement correlated with the number of sessions. The study
highlights the benefit of different maintenance modalities (1 or 2 sessions per month) for a lasting

THE ANTI-CELLULITE EFFECT was confirmed in a Turkish study(12) involving 118 subjects. The most
satisfied patients were those with the highest degree of cellulite (grade 2). 99% of the patients saw
their body circumferences decrease by an average of 2.9 cm. These reductions were particularly significant in:

endermologie® also has an effect on adipocytes, making them more capable of releasing fat by acting on the beta receptors that stimulate lipolysis by 70%(13). This was found in a study conducted at the Clinical Investigation Centre in Toulouse in collaboration with Prof. Max Lafontan. Adipocytes in the gluteofemoral area were observed by microdialysis. This technique makes it possible to measure lipolysis directly, particularly the functioning of beta receptors. This study also demonstrated the total safety of endermologie: The Action on adipose tissue fully protects the integrity of the cells.

Other studies have shown the effectiveness of endermologie® in the treatment of fibrosis(15-17), which is one of the components of cellulite when the tissue is hard and painful.

Finally, in 2017, a study carried out by Dermscan laboratories in Lyon demonstrated the slimming, redensifying and smoothing effect of the new Alliance treatment head(14) using various objective evaluation techniques, such as BODYSCAN®, ultrasound with DermaScan C® and 3D PRIMOS® Pico system.


A significant slimming effect with a decrease in thigh circumference after 12 sessions and a decrease in thigh volume after 3, 6 and 12 sessions.

A significant redensifying effect with a decrease in the proportion of low density areas after 3 sessions.

A significant smoothing effect, with a decrease in skin roughness after 12 sessions, a decrease in the maximum amplitude of the dimpling surface after 3, 6 and 12 sessions and a decrease of the dimpled aspect of the skin after 6 and 12 sessions.

Thus, thanks to its original tissue mechanisation process, endermologie® targets the three components of cellulite. Through its action on venolymphatic circulation, potential fibrosis and lipolysis, endermologie® has a real effective action on “cellulite” , a common complaint among women.


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