Huber 360® Evolution

Soft, natural and effective solutions for better health at every stage of life!

HUBER 360® EVOLUTION offers comprehensive and fun functional rehabilitation. The technological capabilities of the HUBER 360® EVOLUTION can treat more than 90% of classic pathologies. Its use has considerable advantages in particular for the treatment of pathologies of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, back and neurological pathologies.

HUBER 360® EVOLUTION integrates new features to better support your daily life and optimize your efficiency.

360 ° functional rehabilitation, safe physical and cognitive activity, non-subsidized care are now within reach.

+600 pre-programmed sessions

HEALTH: Rapid and empowered rehabilitation of the patient
SPORT: Sports preparation by discipline
FITNESS: Short sessions (10 ’) at high intensity

A multi-axis motorized platform (LPG patent) equipped with force sensors.

An infinity of plateau trajectories adapted to each therapeutic indication.

Precise and progressive work thanks to the dynamic posture corrector.

A tablet application with a multitude of features

  • Functional assessment
  • Creation of personalized programs and free menu
  • Monitoring patient progress
  • Remote control of patient work
  • Sending the report to patients and prescribers
  • Connection to the device

Connected technology (instant updates), with a dynamic and interactive interface.

Cellu M6® Alliance

Mobilift M6®