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LPG® Medical

More than 30 years of research to improve health

For this reason, since 1999, LPG has had its own scientific committee (Comité Scientifique International de Recherche, or CO.S.I.RE.) composed of renowned experts and university hospital teams from around the world: researchers, surgeons, oncologists, orthopedic surgeons, doctors, dietitians, dermatologists, gynecologists, phlebologists, physiotherapists, physical rehabilitation technicians, and more. Much objective data has been collected through increasingly sophisticated evaluation techniques: soft tissue ultrasound and NMR analysis, Laser Doppler micro-circulation analysis, micro-lymphography, opto-electronic volumetrics, histological analysis of fibroblast activity in animals and humans, adipocyte function micro-dialysis and DNA chip analysis, etc. Today, LPG has 145 scientific studies to back up its claims.


LPG® attaches special importance to research in order to scientifically prove the effectiveness of its techniques and to perfect their safety. Because asserting something is not good enough, LPG has always made a point of backing up its claims with scientific proof.


100% natural solutions to give the best to the human body! Using the new exclusive Alliance patent which combines motorized roll and flap, the medical endermologie® technique delivers a more intense and precise, yet pleasant stimulation to the skin surface in order to reactivate natural physiological processes in-depth:

  • Restore fluid flow
  • Accelerate vascularization
  • Stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production
  • Stimulate natural lipolysis

In this film, discover the touching testimonies of patients who have benefited from this care.

Patricia / Gave birth by caesarean section