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Episode 5: Financing

Securing the financing of your business is an essential step when starting a business! It is important to know how to deal with a refusal and especially how not to give up. There are several solutions! Follow Linda at FormLab, Skulpture and Spa Jouvence as they explain how they did it.

Episode 4: The Fears

Starting a business comes with its share of emotions and fears! Follow Linda at FormLab, Skulpture and Spa Jouvence explaining how they started in the industry, the obstacles they faced and how they evolved into a healthy business with the help and support of Les Entreprises Daniele Henkel Inc.

Episode 3: Profitability

The profitability behind the investment of a machine device is the most important to insure a healthy business. Follow Linda at Spa Jouvence, Clinique Ptito and Formlab and find out how they quickly made their devices viable by making Endermologie® one of the most profitable techniques in our industry

Episode 2: The results

Follow Linda at Clinique Ptito and Formlab and find out what they have to say about the effectiveness and benefits of the Endermologie® technology, whether for aesthetical or therapeutical purposes!

Episode 1: The Technologies

Follow Linda at Skulpture, Clinique Ptito and Spa Jouvence and discover how Endermologie® meets the expectations of these different entrepreneurs by becoming the heart of all their activities!

Interview with ProFusion Coaching

Linda Mahieddine and Elgha Centeno, Founder and professional Coach at ProFusion Coaching, sit down at the Daniele Henkel Academy to discuss and demystify Endermologie by LPG®.