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November 1, 2022

What is Endermologie? A Beginner's Guide

Endermologie is the first cellulite treatment to be FDA-cleared and was created by Louis-Paul Guitay, more commonly known as LPG. It is a natural non-invasive mechanical massage that sends specific signals to the cells to reactivate natural lipolysis, blood flow, lymphatic drainage and overall improvement of the connective tissues. Endermologie can effectively act simultaneously on fat, cellulite and sagginess, leaving behind younger and fitter-looking skin, while also smoothing and brightening your overall complexion.

How Does an Endermologie Treatment Work?

Endermologie, with its new Patent (Roller and motorized flap combined with sequential suction), allows the body technology to act directly on the adipocytes present in our hypodermis (slimming cells) and on the fibroblasts present in our dermis (rejuvenating cells). A 360° treatment that puts an end to the dilemma: slimming or firming?

Clients will wear a body stocking specialized for this treatment while the doctor uses the technology on the areas being assessed with more invasive solutions, to prepare the skin, optimize results and reduce potential side effects.

What are the Benefits of Endermologie Treatments?

Though most commonly used to treat cellulite and stubborn fat, endermologie treatments have many other benefits and have been used for more than three decades to help individuals. Some of these benefits include:

  • Stimulates collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to slow down the aging process resulting in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and softening fine lines
  • Lifts and tightens sagging skin
  • Reduces the fibrosis of scar tissue
  • Helps with skin tone and body contouring
  • Helps relieve muscle aches and pains
  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation. When the lymphatic system is stimulated, endermologie drains excess fluids, which helps reduce inflammation and swelling

Potential Side Effects of Endermologie

Endermologie is a gentle procedure, and most people describe it as a relaxing massage, with no side effects besides feeling good. To help avoid any discomfort, the intensity of the massage device can be adjusted to any level until you are comfortable.

How Long do Endermologie Results Last?

From the first sessions, the skin comes back to life, and you will notice that the results will progress in time if a personalized program of two sessions a week is followed. Once optimal results are achieved, a monthly visit is recommended to slow down the aging process and keep control of cellulite.  In complete harmony with this healthy way of life, it is advised that endermologie® treatments be taken on for the same reasons as you would a balanced diet or regular athletic activities. Making endermologie® a part of your routine means choosing an intelligent, responsible, healthy lifestyle aimed at preserving your body and your face from the impact of time on your skin.


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